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Currency Introduction

Etn has its full name of electroneum, which is the first encrypted digital currency in UK. Electroneum is specialized in developing an encrypted offline wallet in versions pc, ios and android, which can perfectly encrypt the user’s all transfer records. Due to blockchain transparency, all bitcoin wallet address users can see how many bitcoins in your wallet and your transaction records. Electroneum can protect the user’s transaction records and wallet content from being peeped at and leave a transaction Hash code which may be public visited for authentication. 

Detailed Parameter
  • Unveiling Date: 2017-11-03
  • Total Issuance: 21000000000
  • Circulation: 8118600000
  • Developer: Richard Ells
  • Core Algorithm: CN
  • Block Speed:
  • Block Speed:
  • Difficulty Adjustment:
  • Verification Method: